new work from xist
coming may 4, 2024

M A Y   T H E   4 T H - B E   W I T H   U S !


Starting around 2010, Xist's combined appreciation for pop art with a love for street art influenced yet another direction expressed in a stylized series of new characters.Each new character created resulted from the juxtaposition of icons, each in a unique way, to reveal a new perspective that intends to interrupt our previously held expectations by changing the context to reveal novelty within the familiar.By choosing to share his work on familiar but unconventional surfaces that range from worthless repurposed found objects to overvalued sheets of uncut currency and unused stamps each new work of art is assigned a new layer of meaning as the perception of value fluxuates.The shift in 'value' is the focus of this new work as it seeks to disrupt our unconsciously held beliefs in a world where value and values are in constant flux based upon their context.


Xist, aka Michael Rosner is an American contemporary artist, who is known for painting on unconventional surfaces. His work has been shared publicly in galleries, museums, films, music videos, commercials, magazines, album covers and at live events around the world including Europe, Japan and the United States.As the founder of Eye Level Studio, Michael led a collective of collaborative artists, models and photographers that contributed to the development of his creative vision as a world class body painter. Michael shared his master level airbrush techniques teaching students from around the world in one-on-on and small groups at his private studio in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, he has led multiple successful workshops offered in Los Angeles and Osaka, Japan.Michael's work continues to evolve on an unconventional path that uses unconventional surfaces to offer an unconventional perspective through his unconventional art.


Xist aka Michael Rosner:
Coming Soon:

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